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Iguassu Foz


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Iguassu Foz

Package Nº 02 - Iguassu Brasil Tourism – Leave at 08:00am from the hotel.


Park of the birds/helicopter tours/Brazilian water falls/Lunch/Tour macuco safari.

Bird Park is an essential tour to anyone visiting Foz do Iguaçu, located near the Iguaçu National Park. On this tour you will experience a direct contact with more than 1020 birds covering about 150 different species. Are 16.5 acres of lush Atlantic Forest.

A unique and unforgettable experience in which you will find amazing birds from all over the Brazil and all over the world. Step into these immersion nurseries to feel the beating of wings of vibrant macaws and look into the eyes of a toucan.
Visit to the water falls- Trekking in the trail

The tour of the track allows a panoramic view from different angles of the set of waterfalls that make up the Iguaçu Falls. Along the way, there are viewpoints of contemplation that provide a closer look at some jumps. The track is 1200 meters long, and because of the existing steps walking is considered moderate difficulty.

On the way, you can see some species of fauna and flora of the park. At the end of the trail, visitors will find access to catwalk Devil's Throat, the most stunning falls, with about 80 meters high.

We suggest this day, seize the opportunity to carry out the Macuco safari boat ride. A tour that involves, and is both an adventure and a unique opportunity to contemplate the beauty and force of nature. The highlight of the tour is the boat amid waterfalls - a nice bath, and invigorating. Enjoy the beauty of the falls up close is an indescribable experience.

Another experience that we want to emphasize is on the helicopter flight over the falls, indescribable view, highly recommended tour because the view from the top is impressive.
Airport/Hotel/Aiport R$ 160,00 for maximo 3 people
Price (minimun 2 person) R$ 325,00 per person
Include:Guide english speaking,Car with AC. 
Additional: Lunch and entrances in the attractions.
Departure from the hotel:07:30 am.
Return to the Hotel:18:00pm
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