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ST 1 - Alter do chão  by road

Duration: 5 / 6 Hours.

Not many people leave Santarém without going to Alter do Chão. It is a small village located south-west of the city on the beautiful sandy beaches of the Tapajós River and Lago Verde (Green Lake). Leave Santarém at about 8:30 AM. It takes less than an hour to get to this "little piece of heaven". All 33 kilometers (20.4 miles) are paved. Afternoon tours are also available.

Free time for walking around the village and swimming in the clear waters of the Tapajós River and Green Lake. A variation of this tour is that of traveling by boat. Since it takes nearly 3 hours each way, it is an all-day tour.

Departure 08:00am – Return at 04:00pm

Include:Mineral water

ST 2 -  Alter do Chão by Riverboat

DURATION:  08  Hours.

Leave Santarém at approximately 8:30 AM via regional riverboat. Before navigating upstream, visit the "meeting of the waters", a term used to describe the coming together of the Amazon and Tapajós Rivers. Arrive in Alter do Chão at about 11:30, free time of walking in the village, free time for swimming in Lago Verde and the Tapajós River, Your boat leaves at 3:00 PM, arriving in Santarém around 5:30 PM.

Alter do Chão may also be reached by road  for details on touring by land  read  ST 1.  It  takes about an hour by road, thus giving you more time in the village.

Departure 08:00am – Return at 05:00pm 


Duration: 03 Hours

The Amazon and Tapajós Rivers meet directly in front of Santarém and flow side by side for a few kilometers before the Amazon inundates the Tapajós completely. While they are flowing side by side, each bears its own individual color, the Amazon being muddy-white and the Tapajós, clear-blue. The totally different colors is due to the fact that the Tapajós drains the Brazilian shield to the south, an old geological formation now lacking in sediments and organic materials. The Amazon River, on the other hand, comes from the newly formed Andes Mountains and is, therefore, heavily laden with sediments. Other factors associated with the side-by-side flow includes the warmer waters of the Tapajós, the volume differences and the higher density of the Amazon.

You can see the meeting of the waters from the city but nothing substitutes for going out there in a boat or outboard. You can be on top of two of the largest rivers in the world- at the same time!

Departure 09:00am Return at 12:00 noon include:mineral water

ST 4 - Amazon River Tour (Maicá)

DURATION: 5  Hours.

This is a full day tour, which begins with a visit to the "meeting of the waters", where the Amazon and Tapajós Rivers come together. Igarapé-Açu (if the water level permits), Then the trip continues downstream on the Amazon to Maicá, which is a natural outlet of the Amazon. The advantage is that it is a much smaller stream, making it easier to see things as the boat meanders through the flood plain.

Birding is one of the highlights of this tour. It is common to identify up to 40 species of birds on the trip. You will certainly see fresh water dolphins from time to time, as well as iguanas and sloths.

Before returning to Santarém, your boat captain will make a stop for piranha fishing. The chances are great that you will catch a few. For those not into fishing, just relax onboard listening to the sound of the wind and birds. Picnic lunch included.

Departure 09:00am Return 02:00pm –Include:Snacks,mineral water and soft drinks.


ST 5 - Santarém City Tour

DURATION:  3:30 Hours

This is a 3,30  hour tour that may be done via automobile, microbus or bus, depending on the number of passengers. Highlights of this tour include:

- The deep-water pier to observe ship and boat traffic, as well as exportation of lumber.

- Municipality Market to see regional produce like fruits, vegetables, manioc meal, fish, medicinal plants, etc.

- Nossa Senhora da Conceição Cathedral, matrix church of Santarém. See the large crucifix donated by the famous German scientist Martius who survived a boat wreck in the Amazon.

- Downtown to see the commercial section of Santarém.

- Santarém Historical Museum.

- Arts and crafts stores to see Tapajoara ceramics, dried fruits, medicines from the forest, etc.

Mirante Square to see the not so distant meeting of the waters

Departure 08:00 Return at 11:30 –include:mineral water

ST 6 -  Tapajós National Forest

This is an 6 hour trip via automobile, microbus or bus, depending on the number of guests. The main entrance to the Tapajós National Forest is at Kilometer 83 on BR-163, the Santarém-Cuiabá Highway. This road is paved. This beautiful virgin forest, some 650,000 hectares (1,560,000 acres) in total. The area is administered by IBAMA (Brazilian Institute for Environment and Renewable Natural Resources) and only recently has it been opened up to eco-tourism. It represents the only accessible large virgin forest close to Santarém. A local guide will accompany you while on the trail system. A picnic lunch will be served on this tour. We conduct overnight tours to the Tapajós National Forest per advanced arrangements.

Departure at 08:00am Return 02:00pm-include:snacks,mineral water and soft drinks.

ST 7 - EcologiCal Tour

DURATION: 04 Hours.

This is a half-day tour that can be scheduled mornings or afternoons. You will begin your excursion at Kilometer "0" of the Santarém-Cuiabá Highway, the only road connecting this part of the Amazon with other points in Brazil. At Kilometer 8, elevation 158 meters (518.3 feet), your guide will make a brief stop to show you tropical soils. A few kilometers down the road you will enter a secondary dirt road leading to several small villages. Stops will be made to show different stages of "slash and burn" agriculture and the effect it has on the forest and land. You will also have a chance to visit a representative farm of the region and the family living on it. Adjacent to the farm (subsistence agriculture) is the main attraction of the tour, Bosque Santa Lúcia (Santa Lúcia Arboretum). Depending on your walking mood, your guide will choose between more than 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) of trails for that nature walk you have wanted to take since arriving in the Amazon. As you walk the trails, you will have the opportunity to see more than 200 different species of native trees and palms. Included are Brazil nut and rubber trees.

Use the clothing of choice. Comfortable walking shoes are important. A flash or high- speed film is recommended for the nature walk.

DEPARTURE 09:00am  -Return 12:00 noon



Regular Transfer- ST 21

Airport / Hotel in Santarém/

Santarém / Airport 

Regular Transfer- ST 22

Airport / Alter do Chão Village

Alter do Chão Village  / Airport

Price per person in U$ (one way )

TRANSFER  1 pax 2 pax's 3-5 pax's 6-8 pax's 9 or + pax's
ST 21 63.80 40.35 34.80 24.38 18.93
ST 22 136.15 80.65 67.80 48.14 36.26

City Tour in Santarém- Departure and Arrival e from Alter do Chão.

City Tour  1 pax 2 pax's 3-5 pax's 6-8 pax's 9-10 pax's 11 or + pax's
ST 23 427.00 397.00 195.00 154.00 124.04 100.00

Obs. Other tours that departs from Alter do Chão, add  30% to the normal fare.


Price per person in Dollar USD

Prices for tours with departure and arrival from Santarém.

Tours  1 pax 2 pax's 3-5 pax's 6-8 pax's 9-11 pax's 12 ou + pax's
Alter do Chão-By Car 270.00 176.00 136.00 93.00 78.00 60.00
Alter do Chão- By boat 654.00 329.00 264.00 185.00 154.00 104.00
Meeting of the waters 183.00 118.00 95.00 58.21 47.00 42.00
Maicá Lake 394.00 229.00 176.38 123.00 107.00 91.00
City Tour 155.00 73.00 60.00 52.00 48.00 44.39
Nacional Forrest 360.90 212.00 160.12 128.61 113.35 97.91
Sta Lúcia Arboretum 230.10 146.05 130.00 112.20 97.91 81.00

Tours with: French, spanish, german guides, add 25% to the normal fare.

Chindren age 2 to 12 only pay 70%. 

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