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Nadando com Botos

Nadando com Botos Nadando com Botos

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Aventuras na Amazônia Aventuras na Amazônia

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Maravilhas da Ayuasca com Xamã Maravilhas da Ayuasca com Xamã

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Atendimento via Whatsapp Atendimento via Whatsapp



Amazing Tours Agency has selected the best destinations in the Amazon to have close contact with nature and wildlife and the indigenous communities.

Examples of our expeditions

greenlodgeMANAUS JUNGLE HOSTEL: Popular Budget-Lodge, known as ¨Green Lodge¨ operated by Planettours 35km upstream the Rio Negro. Accommodation in hammocks or private rooms on a floating lodge located in the flooded jungle areas. The lodge offers full boarding and daily activities such as:

  • piranha fishing
  • bird and wildlife watching
  • caiman spotting
  • jungle trekking
  • overnights in the jungle
  • visit to local indigenous hom

BEST PRICE GUARANTEE: With rates from R$ 80.- per day and person, Amazing Tours Agency offers the best price in Manaus and complimentary airport pick-up.

MISSIONARY TRIPS: Trips to our friends of the church, who live deep in the jungle with indigenous communities. Besides voluntary and missionary work, there will be plenty of opportunities for discovering the jungle and its wildlife and to go fishing. The main purpose of the CCM Mission trips is:

  • To share the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with the indigenous
  • To build the Kingdom of God in you, through Bible study, worship, outreach, fasting, prayer, and fellowship
  • To support the ministry of CCM church mission in Brazil through voluntary work
  • To return home as dynamic witnesses of Jesus Christ

exploringigarapeAMAZON JUNLGE EXPEDITON: Ready for real adventure? Ready to live like a man in the Jungle? Our expeditions to the Juma Reserve south of Manaus or or upstream the Rio Negro will show you how to interact with the wildlife and nature and indigenous communities. Alone or in a small group, our experienced guide will show you, how to survive in the jungle, where to find fresh water, food and how to protect yourself during night from the jaguar.

Contrary to a jungle lodge, where will be no fixed program or trekking path. We will let our lifes for a few days being guided by the spirit and nature of the Amazon in untouched virgin jungle.



Santuario1JUNGLE WATERFALLS: The waterfalls around Presidente Figueiredo (107km north of Manaus) combine espectacular views and cool experience with a virgin jungle environment. Just see, swim and enjoy.

The cave ¨Gruta do Refugio do Maruaga¨ is located deep in virgin jungle and full of wildlife. A shallow stream runs through the whole length of the cave, from the interior to the mouth. In de cave can be observed with some luck fishes, amphibians, alligators, turtles and diverse species of bats.




IMG_3529_0SWIMMING WITH DOLPHINS: Novo Airao, located along the Rio Negro River between Manaus and the Jau National Park is famous for its pink dolphins. You can swim with them and feed them. An unforgettable experience. Optional Expediton to the Jau National Park.

barrroSATERE MAWE INDIANS: The name of the tribe means in indigenous language “talking perrots” in an indian reserve near Maues, the land of the Guarana and beautiful river beaches.

We will be invited by the Tuchaua (head) of the Satere-Mawe to participate the indigenous rituais and go hunting and fishing with them. After relaxing on the beaches, a lot of adventure is waiting in the jungle.
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